Sunday, 1 September 2013

Away for a while...

So I have been away for ages and I know it! Life just gets in the way sometimes and on this occasion this is what happened!

As some of you may know I was on the look out for a new job as I was only on a temporary contract for a couple of months! Well the good news is, I got a new job! It's a 2 year contract so it is a lot longer than the one I was on. But it's not nice going on temporary contracts all the time as you never know if it will be renewed or not! But they are quite a common thing these days.

Also I have been going through a lot of family/personal issues and health issues, but hopefully the mist is all clearing now and everything will be on the mend, so I hope to resume with the blogging and continuing doing what I enjoy.

I hope you have all been well and had a wonderful summer (september now woop! autumn leaves here we come!)

Take care everyone and hopefully a new post will be up soon!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Nexplanon Update|Diary 3|Suzanne Shares

Click here to view my first post and here to view my second post.

So my last update was about a month ago and from the post things seemed to of been going really good, well I'm afraid in a month things really took a turn.

Not long after my last post I suffered with a really bad migraine. I have suffered migraines with aura in the past, which was why I was told to come off the combined pill as there is a higher risk of suffering a stroke. So while on the pill, in those 3 years- I didn't suffer one migraine. So I came to the conclusion that I had grown out of it. How wrong was I. I went to work, felt fine, and come 11 I lost the sight in my entire eye, I felt really disorientated and had such a pounding headache. This migraine lasted for about 3 days. Since then I had a headache every. single. day. I felt so rough and it was really beginning to get me down. I hadn't had a period since I had the implant put in, and around the time of the migraine I got one. So in my head I could see a link. But I was still foolish and went on the internet to see if I could diagnose myself. A lot of horrible illness came up and it did worry me, even though I could see a link with my cycle.

Mum also said I had been complaining of headaches quite regularly when coming home from work. So I decided to book an appointment with the doctor as I knew it was the implant. He was no help, he said that headaches are a side effect of the implant and that's just unfortunate. He also came to the conclusion by looking at my records that my migraines are pre-menstrual. He said the combined pill would help with this, as it would regulate my levels- but he couldn't give it to me because I suffer with migraines. This part baffles me. He ended with telling me to go back to the Family Planning Clinic and wished me luck.

So I booked an appointment. The lady I saw had no explanation for the headaches, which was very unhelpful which made me unhappy. But she got another doctor in to speak to me, and with my migraines being pre-menstrual they decided to put me on the mini pill to stop my bleed in hope that this would do something. So I had to take two pills a day for 3 months to see how I get on. I really hope that this works for me, in myself I am feeling better, and I do feel I have seen some improvement with the headaches so I'm hoping this is sorted!!

Watch this space.

I would love to hear your stories, leave them in the comments below and we can all have a chat an compare experiences!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How much is my face worth?

So I have seen this floating around on a couple of blogs and I thought how much I really wanted to give it a go! So this is where I price up the make up products I use on a daily basis. So the products in the photo above are products that I use when I go to work!

Theodora Palette by Urban Decay- £35.00
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation- £9.99
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer- £7.49
L'oreal True Match Powder- £8.19
Lush Eyes Bright Mascara- £12.00
Mac Lipstick (Colour Varies) £14.00
Bourjois Cream Blusher 03-  £7.99
Mac Soft and Gentle- £21.50

Total: £116.16...ouch!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bank Holiday Mac Splurge

So it doesn't take many purchases to class as a splurge in Mac. It was a bank holiday last weekend and I just felt the need to treat myself for some reason, like we do. The two products I picked up are two I have had my eye on for quite some time now. When it comes to Mac I like to make sure that I really want the product before spending the money.

The first product is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I think I have had my eye on this product for over a year now and I haven't been able to find a cheaper product that fills my craving. I saw rave reviews of this online and just decided to go for it. It's stunning, the glitter is quite chunky which will take some getting used to but the glow it gives is so healthy! Perfect for this time of year, and I haven't been very well recently so I need a bit of radiance to my skin!

I then thought I would pick up another Mac lipstick as I would like to extend my collection. I bought Patisserie, this seems like the perfect nude with a bit of sparkle. I have quite bad lips so I have to make sure that they are super soft before I use this otherwise it can look a bit yuk. My lips are quite pigmented so I don't see the same effect that I see people talking about. But all in all, I'm going to get this to work.

What are your favourite Mac Products?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Urban Decay Theodora Palette

I was in two minds about this product for a while and I was in two minds about which one to get. But I decided to go with the Theodora palette as I know I will get lots more use out of this one- and I have already! I purchased it from Debenhams and also got 10% off and triple points! Winner.

The palette is the style of the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palettes, only this is a steal as it's full already and you get a travel sized eyeliner and lipstick!

The Shadows are shades Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell and Jealous.

I love the fact there are also duo shadows here, two for the price of one! I get a lot of use out of all the colours and I'm so glad I purchased it after a large debate with myself. In usual Urban Decay standard the eyeshadows are really pigmented, nice and shimmery and just a pleasure to use. I never doubt Urban Decay when it comes to eyeshadows. 

Have you bought any Urban Decay Limited Edition Palettes?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Glossybox May 2013!

I'm totally in love with this months and it may of rekindled my love for beauty boxes! I was so surprised to see 2 make up products in my box this month- but I'm over the moon! It's so rare and I love both. This month Glossybox 2 so it's a birthday box, with lovely tissue paper and really vibrant ribbon. This month in my box I received:
  • Caudalie Divine Oil- This is a multipurpose oil, it can be used on body, face and hair. I'm all over multipurpose products as I find they are really beneficial to have as they can be used for a number of things. Caudalie has become a big brand recently and I have been tempted by this product quite a few times so I'm really glad I get to try this, it's such a decent size and I can imagine it will last a while.
  • Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lash Mascara- First off, what a cute name?! And the packaging is lovely. I'm really looking forward to testing this out, it claims to be a light weight mascara that you can't feel on your lashes (and I hate that feeling.) Mascara's are something I am always interested in trying as I change mine all the time.
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Lip Gloss in Raspberry- This is so my colour! I can't wait to test this, I'm interested in the sticky factor but I think this will be a really pigmented gloss. But purples are well up my valley! So pleased to receive another full sized make up product.
  • L'Occitaine Angelica Hydration Cream- Another brand I love. I admire the hand creams so I am really looking forward to testing this face cream. It's a really decent sample sized and I'm sure it will be enough for me to test it properly. I am in the market for some new face creams so this could be an interesting one!
  • Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Prime and Create Mixing Medium- This is the one product I am a bit hmm about in the box. You can use it alone as a primer to give a matte base for make up products. Or you can mix it with powder products to create cream products. To me this does seem a bit of a faff especially in the week when I'm going to work in the mornings. But I am interesting in seeing how it does mix. I will probably try it with a blusher.
Overall I am so pleased with this box, there are 2 full sized products and decent sample sizes, for a birthday box this is definitely great! There is a gift included from Glossybox as well- travel nail files in a match box style!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

B.Pure Micellar Water

Living in England I can't get my hands on the famous Bioderma very easily and I don't wish to pay the hefty price tag in the places that do sell it. I have noticed a number of micellar waters in the drugstore recently and I was in superdrug, saw this one on offer and thought- why not! So far I am in love. This is the best, easiest and quickest way to remove my make up after a long day at the office!

It's so easy to use, just put on a cotton pad, I then tend to press it on my eye for a couple of seconds and remove. No pain whatsoever! My eyes are extremely sensitive so to find something that works for me is great. I can't compare it to any other micellar water as I have never tried one, but I'm pretty content with this one anyway!

I think I picked this up for about £3.99 it might still be on offer in superdrug so go and check it out!